Based on our performance at the Seneca Starter HT on Sunday, I tangled with XEntry and entered us in our first USEA Recognized HT, at Waredaca, the end of October.  I debated between there at MDHT, but we always seem to have a bit better go at Waredaca for whatever reason, and I’ll be volunteering at MDHT, so I’ll still be “participating” in some way.  Plus it gives us a few weeks longer to get tuned up and ready to go.

I still have to send the hard copy of the entry information in, along with the check, because if I have to snail mail something anyway, why pay the online credit card service fees?  But I’m waiting to send it until I figure out whether or not it’s a TIP show; the TIP website says yes, but their website and the Omnibus don’t mention anything, so I sent a quick email to clarify whether I need to send our information along for that, too.  Hopefully it’ll all go out in the mail tomorrow.

I was very excited to see in the Omnibus listing that the HT is running in classic eventing order, with dressage, then XC, and SJ last.  Which will be a change for us, but will also allow me to bust out a coat and ride SJ in a jacket instead of the big bulky vest!  Kind of excited about that, though I’ll be interested to see how she handles doing XC first, because SJ always serves as a nice warmup.