Today was my last ride before going on a two week vacation.  So naturally I wanted to do what’s most fun, which is jump around a little!  We went up top, where a lesson with the pony club kids was going on, so we warmed up around them, trying to stay at the far end of the ring.  Cally was not a fan of this plan, and was a big snorty, fiery mess.  Eventually we got a decent, civil bit of walk, trot, and canter, and moved down to the other end of the ring, where there was a small gate that the kids weren’t using.  So we worked on trotting quietly to it, jumping, and stopping quietly on a straight line.  That actually didn’t go too badly, until I asked for a basic turn on the forehand and she sort of…tried to spin off sideways.  So we had a few moments of working on remembering how to move off my leg like a trained horse should.

By that time the kids were done jumping, so we moved on to popping over a few of the other fences, since they were set at about our level.  Individual fences were fine, but she still gets rolling like nothing else down the lines.  What should have been a nice steady five was a leaping four, so we had to have a bit of a discussion about who gets to decide how many strides go into a line after that.  She didn’t really care for the discussion, but after that, she settled down and did listen to me and we managed to get the correct number of strides, even if the distances weren’t all that great the first time through.

Ultimately, we ended with a really nice like from a nicely sized oxer to a vertical, with a tight rollback around to a corner, and then a long canter to a gate.  She was quite good about it, so we headed out on a walk.  I’d hoped to see the gorgeous fox we saw while out hacking yesterday, and tried to have my camera phone at the ready.  Sadly, so such luck again, and we just made a loop through the hay field and headed back in.

A friend is going to do a couple lessons on her while I’m gone, otherwise, she should have a pretty relaxing few weeks, too, and hopefully be refreshed and ready to go eventing when I get home.  We’ll have a week to get back in gear before Seneca’s starter HT!