Trying to have lunch, here!

We had a lesson with Kelley this morning, and I think we’re ready for tomorrow.  I noted that she was getting a little sick of circles, and thought she needed a bit of a mental change of pace and some jumping, so Kelley suggested a jumping exercise that required her to do flatwork well to make it work, without Cally realizing she was doing flatwork. Her reaction definitely said, “yay, jumping!”

We started trotting a little figure 8 over a small plank vertical, just staying soft and easy and relaxed.  And she was, for the most part.  Keen, but not rushing.  We then progressed to doing the plank, making a circle, then continuing left, on to another plank fence, slightly bigger.  It was a tight turn to land and balance, but after the second try we had it nicely, and added a circle back to the original plank, then a right turn to a vertical.  The right turn was harder, because that’s the harder direction to make a balanced circle, because she wants to drop her inside shoulder and pull herself around with it.  It took a few tries to get that circle correct to the vertical, but eventually we got there.

Then we dropped the circles, just essentially making a serpentine between the three fences, and she was going quite nicely and well balanced in the canter turns between, possibly the best in between fences Cally’s gone.  We went through once, getting a little long, not pulling or rushing, just long.  We went through and did it again, but got much better distances.  The right turn from the plank to the vertical was still not great, so we repeated just that portion a few times.  Finally, I rode it right, riding more to the left over the fence, giving us a bit more time to bend out and turn, and get straight and find a good distance to the last fence.  It felt GREAT!  So wonderfully happy with how well she went, and how well she was listening.

Tacks all cleaned, hay’s in the trailer, boots are polished, we’re ready to go!