Out for a walk

This week I decided to make it an easy one for me and Cally before we gear up for our USDF debut next week.  So today we did hack around in the ring a little bit.  We had some really lovely trot work, including a nice bit of stretchy trot, and a few nice trot/canter/trot transitions.

Then we went out for a walk, since the hay field next door was newly mowed.  On the way down the driveway we popped over the ditch and log, and I could tell she was ready to go.  So we trotted on the way out and up the hill, really chugging along.  I walked a bit through the field first, to get a look at how the ground and footing was, then we picked up a trot and did a nice bit of trot work around a big figure 8, letting us do a little up and down hill work.  That ended with a really nice relaxed swingy walk, which we kept up as we headed back in.

She’s looking and feeling good, so hopefully that will carry over to next week.  10 days!