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We had a really good ride on Saturday, even though it was raining and we had to ride in the indoor.  It’s not Cally’s favorite space, but it was a good space to work on the lateral work we started on during our lesson Friday.   Shoulder-ins are hard, but we did some work on those, and got a few moments that were very good.  The leg yielding at the trot and canter were much better to start off than they were on Friday, though we had to have a small discussion about why one corner of the ring was not terrifying, and was able to be used.  After sitting passively, letting her circle until she was bored with freaking out, and back to work we went, much better.  There were a few really nice bits of canter leg yield, which led to a bit of really nice straight canter.  Then we went back to trot, and it felt fantastic–easy, forward, a bit more supple than normal.  Very happy to end on that, as it had stopped raining and I was able to reward her with a ride down the driveway to cool out.

When I’d finished riding, I found an email stating that the Schooley Mill show, where we should get our last two rides to qualify for PVDA year-end awards, was oversubscribed, would anyone be interested or able to show at the end of the Jr/Yr show the day prior.  Oh, yes please!  I actually really like showing on Saturdays, because I can get a good lesson the day before, get stuff cleaned up, show the next day, then give her Sunday off while I get to go do something non-horsey with the SO and dog, like sit on the boat.  Which, coincidentally, is what I was doing when I got an email this Sunday that I had in fact had my ride moved to Saturday the 17th!  I’m liking how my August weekends are shaping up, with dressage shows the next two Saturdays I’m off work, and the chance to get out and do something else summery on my Sundays.  It can’t always be all horses–sometimes you need to take a break and do something else, and if I can get both horses and a break in the same weekend, so much the better!