Last week, I gave Cally the week off.  She worked hard the prior weekend, showing well both Saturday and Sunday, and had earned the time off.  There was one shoe I was a little worried about, the right front, which was looking a little long, as it had been replaced a week and a half before the other shoes, since she’d lost it.  But I figured if there was a problem, I’d get a call or a message.  So I let her hang out, while I hung out with the dog.

But on the way out today, I got a text and a photo that the shoe was looking a little bit terrible.  I got there to find that I could actually move it myself, and the toe looking awfully chewed up.  Thankfully I have the world’s best barn owner, so after placing a call to my farrier and leaving a message about the situation, I tracked her down and asked her if she might be able to pull the shoe.  She looked at the condition of the foot, and pulled the clinches, but thought Cally might be better served by wrapping it the way it was, and let the farrier handle it, because it wasn’t looking pretty.  But!  She managed to pull the nails out, and the shoe came right off.  She is the best!

So Cally got her foot wrapped up with some vetwrap and duct tape, a bit of grooming, and we went out to hand graze a little, since she’s spending the night inside.

Farrier is coming out tomorrow, and while I think there might need to be a bit of spackle involved in the repairing, she seemed fine on it, so hopefully we’ll be good to go by late afternoon tomorrow.  She’s got a massage appointment for Friday afternoon, which should help keep her feeling good and ready to go for our two dressage outings this month, our last PVDA schooling show of the year, at Schooley Mill, and the recognized PVDA show at Loch Moy on the 31st.

It won’t take much effort to get her back in work and feeling good, and hopefully get us good scores in our final two dressage outings of the summer.