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Finally got to ride in my new full seats today.  It was hot as Hades, though maybe not quite as sticky as it’s been.  I tried to time my ride today to approximate when I’ll be showing on Saturday–3:38 and 3:50–just to get a feel for what we’d be dealing with.  We had some really nice moments, especially a few very nice canter transitions, and down transitions from canter to trot are getting so much nicer.  I did notice the full seats made it much easier to really sit down and plant my butt in the saddle at the canter, which is a help, because my hunter-trained muscles always default to wanting to go into a half-seat.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ride at dinner/turnout time if there weren’t unnecessary theatrics.  I’m not sure why the corner between F and A was terrifying, but suffice to say I was happy for the extra grip of the full seats, and should a test ever include the maneuver “half-levade to half pirouette to bolt” we’ll be scoring very, very well on that movement.  Though that does not lend it self well to making a nice, basic canter circle.

Hopefully she got the funk out today, because we’re braving the heat to use our schooling pass on the competition course at Loch Moy, which is only open this week.  I’m hoping to do some jumping work back in the wooded area, which is what we seemed to have trouble with last time we competed there.  Of course, it’s supposed to be 95 degrees, so I’m also planning to take it pretty easy, and call a few good fences good.

Today when I got home, the other pair of breeches I ordered was waiting. Except they’re knee patch breeches.  I swear I was looking at fullseats on the site, I don’t even see this model in kneepatch, but the order confirm just lists brand/color/size, and they were clearance, to no returns or exchanges.  Oh well, at least they’re the right size, so I can wear them anyway!