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Let me start with a shout-out to the fantastic VTO Saddlery, from whom I ordered two pair of their “Full Seat Frenzy” priced Royal Highness breeches.  Late Wednesday night.  Which means they didn’t get the order until Thursday morning, and the breeches arrived in the mail Friday night!  Talk about fast service!  The pair I ordered from another online tack store on Tuesday didn’t ship until Friday! (They’ll be here Monday, though, so I can’t really complain about less than a week from order to door, but just as a comparison.)  They’re located in Broadway, Virginia, so it’s sort of like shopping local, but online, and I’ve always had a great experience with them, and had them work with me when they didn’t have exactly what I wanted in stock.  They’re my go-to online retailer for all things equine.

Plus I got the world’s best boots from them during their summer clearance sale last year.  Kept my feet warm and dry trekking all through the west last year, and took me riding in Bryce Canyon this year.  They may just be “knockoffs” but the Dublin River Boots I bought from them last year are one of my favorite purchases ever.  (Shown below with one of my other favorite purchases, a great SPF sunshield had I got at the REI clearance sale for $15.  It’s been serving me well on vacations, sailing, and at horse shows!)

Riding in Bryce

Anyway, breeches.  Right.  So they showed up last night after I’d left for work, which meant I didn’t get to see them until today.  Since you had to buy 2 to get the great pricing, I got a pair in “moka” which wasn’t illustrated on the website but I was hoping was somewhere in the brown family (which seems to hide barn dirt and grime the best of all breech colors, IMO), and *GULP* a pair of white ones.  I ripped the box open when I got home at 6:40AM, and pulled out the white breeches to try on quickly for fit.  The fabric is really nice on these “microfiber” breeches–it feels like a mix of the fabric in the FITS Bekas and the Ovation Euroweaves–it looks very nice and feels very substantial yet has a lot of give for range of motion, which I like.  This afternoon, on waking up, I tried on both pairs (“moka” is a nice chocolate brown!), and despite the brown ones being “low rise” I feel like they’re not any lower than the white “regular rise” pair, but that’s OK, since I’m long through the waist, and they both sit just below my navel.  The white is thick enough that even though I was wearing some very bright turquoise underwear, you could barely tell.  They’re very comfortable on and to move around in, so the next test is going to be getting on and actually riding in them. The brown ones, obviously, because the white ones are for shows only.  Possibly recognized shows only.

Can’t wait to get in the saddle Monday and test them out!