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My day started off perfectly–I woke up to find an email with the shiny new USDF Horse ID Number for CMA Drama Queen waiting in my inbox, so I was able to complete our entry and payment for the recognized PVDA show at Loch Moy, in Training 1 and Training 2.  I have to print out the USDF card for Cally, and mail it in with my signatures page, but we’re entered and paid in full!

Then after getting back from grocery shopping, I was goofing around with the dog and Liam, and somehow Daisy ended up trying to claw my head open.  Because apparently hair is fun to dig in?  That seemed like a good time to call fun time to an end, and head out to the barn.

But because one indignity to my head was not enough for the day, I decided to do a little pre-ride attack on the scratches Cally’s got on her hind legs.  She’s battled them for years, and the last two summer/falls, I’ve ended up having to have my vet out to heavily sedate her, and debride the leg.  In an effort to save myself several hundred dollars in vet fees, and prevent a concussion to my vet, I’ve been trying to keep on top of it this year, even though it really, really pisses Cally off.  Which is sort of understandable, because I’m sure it hurts, but it’s unpleasant for both of us.  So I decided that since it’s been looking a bit better, I should try clipping it now, while I can get a lot of the hair off, and hopefully end up with less moisture trapped close to the skin.

For my efforts I got a knee to the temple, and nearly kicked twice.  This is why I should always put my helmet on BEFORE I start doing anything with the horse, because even though she’s generally very good to deal with, certain things set her off, and you messing with ouchy spots is one of them.  Obviously the damage to my brain skewed my judgement, because I then tacked up and attempted to ride.  That was a mistake.  It started with the horse shooting backwards about 6 feet, when I attempted the grave cruelty of trying to put the reins over her head so I could, you know, mount.  Suffice to say that it didn’t get much better, but we did end on a pretty decent 15M canter circle, that went on for a while, because we were on it until she stopped spooking at the pile of jump standards and poles that have been in the ring for years.

Her leg did get scrubbed off with some betadine, and some panalog got applied.  It is looking much better, so at least my battle wounds saw some results.  And my bridles got cleaned, so that right there is a sure sign that there was head trauma.

Some days, they’re really good at humbling you.