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Our ride today didn’t start off this nicely–we had a small discussion about the fact that the cavaletti and mounting block outside the gate are not preparing for attack–but it was where we ended up.  My reins are about 6 inches too long and she’s not quite as forward as she could be, but compared to where we were a year ago (viewable here!) it’s big progress!  The fact that we’ve got a year and a half of solid work, lessons, and showing under our belts/girths at this point makes an enormous difference in how we work.  I also think the new saddle makes a big difference, too–I feel like I’m struggling way less to stay balanced and with the motion, and it’s drastically improved my riding, which in turn has improved her way of going.

Which means that the goal I’d toyed with in the spring, of entering the recognized PVDA show at Loch Moy the end of August, is going to become reality.  I already had GMO memebership with the USDF, and we’ve both got our USEF information, so I signed Cally up for her USDF HID today, and should have her number in a day or two, so I’ll be able to do our entry online.  I’m giving us a goal we can achieve, and just doing Training 1 and Training 2, which we are more than capable of completing in a reasonably competitive manner.