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Wednesday, I rode up in the big ring, which hadn’t been in for a while, due to the weather.  A few fences were set, which I wanted to make use of since we’ve been concentrating, rather successfully, on our dressage and haven’t jumped in a while.  There was a flatwork lesson going on at the other end of the ring, but we were left with an nice assortment of fences–an X, the coop, an oxer, and a vertical made of planks, which was perfect for what we needed.  After some quick but solid flatwork, we popped over the X a few times, and I then took a bit of a walk break and considered our options between the fences.  It was a nice chance to practice some tighter rollback turns and changes of direction.  We even managed to do a really nice lead change, left to right, changing directions between fences.  We only did maybe 15 jumps, but I was really happy with how she went around, forward but responsive.  So we headed out for a little walk to cool out, which was just lovely.

Today, the weather was looking a little questionable, so we stuck with some basic dressage in the front ring.  She felt absolutely fantastic, so we did a lot of work on circles, changes of direction, and serpentines at the trot after a long walk warmup.  I debated even cantering, since the trotwork had been so great, but we really need to work on softening up the left lead, so I picked up the canter on the circle, and ended up with a really nicely balanced, almost adjustable canter.  I was quite pleased with that, so we called it an afternoon and walked down the driveway.

Carol is back this weekend, so we’ve already got a lesson scheduled with her for Tuesday.  I’m hoping that we can work on our flatwork with her and continue to improve that, while we continue to work on our jumping with Kelley.  I’m hoping that we can break a 70/30 (depending on whether we’re getting dressage or eventing scores!) in our dressage by the end of the season .

Entry is in for our HT next weekend at Loch Moy, where hopefully we’ll have a nice solid go around BN.  I debated our next move after that; I’d been hoping to do recognized at Difficult Run, but the idea of hauling around the Beltway to get there wasn’t super appealing, and for a good bit less money, Waredaca is holding an unrecognized that weekend.  It was our first BN ever, last year, so today our entry went in the mail to go there again.  Then I think it’s just dressage and jumpers for the summer, because it gets too hot to event after that, probably until the fall starter event at Seneca. Hopefully we can finish on our dressage at all of them!