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It seems we skipped a season over the weekend.  Last week I was riding in fleece and a down vest, and the last two days I’ve been sweating in short sleeves!    Poor Cally’s been sweating too, some from the heat, some from work.

She had two rides over the weekend with a barnmate, which seemed to go well from the reports of their lesson and Sunday flatwork.

Monday it was so gorgeous I said forget work, we’re going out hacking.  It felt glorious.

We had a nice long walk, then a bit of trotting, a mosey through a bit of the woods, and then a little canter/hand gallop/real gallop.  Nothing in the world feels better than that!  Then we settled back down to a walk to march back to the barn, working on being forward and round in the walk.  We were both sweating when we got back, so she got the first bath she’s had since fall, or maybe December.  Anyway, there was a lot of grime being rinsed off of her, and she was shining when we were done.  Hopefully she stays reasonably clean for the weekend.

Since we do have a dressage show this weekend, I figured we ought to do some flatwork today.  We started off really nicely in the little outdoor, but then got distracted by the tiger (barrel) crouching (laying inertly where it’s been for the last 6 montsh) ready to attack by the side of the ring.  So instead of working on much of our test, we worked on not being an idiot.  Sometimes, standing quietly along the rail is really, really difficult.  But we did have a few nice moments, especially in the trotwork, and I did a good bit of work on our diagonal/circle/transition maneuvers we have to do in BN-B this weekend.  Hopefully it pays off, and makes waking up for an 8AM ride time worthwhile.  I’m going to concentrate on the feeling of that great forward, round trot, and not on the 4AM alarm clock I know is coming.