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Friday was gorgeous and felt almost like spring, so I decided to ride up in the big jumping ring.  It ended up being a good decision, as we did a great bit of warmup on the flat up there, where there were a lot of obstacles to circle around, and distractions to contend with (including a couple of zippy jumping ponies!).  I watched a bit of their jumping, and after warming up over a small X a few times, started riding portions of it.  She loves a catty, bending line, but it’s the nice long straight approaches that get us, because she then likes to make a bid for things and goes.  Less so in the baucher, and we only had two instances of her really trying to gallop through my hand, both on landing, so I felt good about that, and about a few of the tighter bending lines we did.

Today we did the morning gymnastic lesson, which we haven’t done in a while due to schedule.  We worked on simple, balanced, quiet circles to fences, with three offset that I ended up looping between them.  Not as quiet and balanced as I’d like, but I’m also working on remembering that she always feels faster than she is, and that I need to let her go forward a little.  The warmup felt lovely, though, and I cut the lesson a little short to let a barnmate hop on her for a bit of a try; her horse is out of work with an injury, so she’s going to be doing occasional lessons on Cally as well as a few rides.  I hope that will be good for her, and I think it will be very good for Cally, as being ridden more often and by someone different will keep her from getting too well adjusted to my own bad habits.  I’m also just always entertained when people get on her and are astonished by how reactive she is.  Not in a bad way, just in that you almost don’t need to ask her, just think it, and she’s got the idea.