Maybe I should have written this in January, but show schedules weren’t out yet, so it was a little difficult to plan the year, set goalposts, and figure out where we wanted to go.  Obviously, it’s not all about the showing, but that gives us a good way to get off the farm and actually measure our progress.

  1. Complete at USEA recognized BN, at least two and hopefully three events.  First target is for Difficult Run in June, running unrecognized at MDHT in May first.
  2. Finish all our events on our dressage scores, whatever that may be.
  3. Improve our dressage scores by getting out and doing more dressage shows.  At least 4 of the PVDA shows, to possibly qualify us for a year-end award there  (3B- Volunteer at the PVDA Ride For Life to get my qualifying volunteer hours.)  First target is for Schooley Mill on April 14.
  4. Get our dressage to the point that we can go show Training 2 & 3 at the August recognized PVDA show.
  5. Go do jumpers are one of the Swan Lake shows.