Yesterday, due to the “snowquester” nonevent, I didn’t go to the barn, though I probably could have.  Then again, Damascus got a lot more snow than the none we got at home, so maybe it’s just as well I caught up on my DVR.  There was still snow on the ground at the barn, but not much, and it was melting fast in the warm weather.  I hope this was winter’s last hurrah.

Anyway, it was fairly quiet at the barn, aside from the regular day to day work of the farm, so I set up a little crossrail in the indoor for us.  She warmed up as nicely as she ever has, starting with a bit of flexion and some shoulder in/shoulder out at the walk, and proceeding to some pretty solid trot work.  Then I just sort of incorporated the X into the circle we’d been making, concentrating on nothing so much as keeping my upper body back, and she landed nicely in an easy canter, and around we went.

I popped over it a few times each direction, and she stayed nice and quiet, either going forward quietly or stopping at the end of the ring, as asked.  So I hopped off and put the fence up to a vertical, maybe 2’3″ or 2’6″, since I figure we hopefully will be doing that at the cross derby next weekend.  (If my coggins gets here by Saturday, fingers crossed!)  Cally gets major points for standing quietly during fence assembly and adjustment!  We went to the fence off the left lead first, which was probably a mistake, since that’s the harder direction, and we got there a little long twice in a row.  So I changed direction and came off the right, sitting up and back, and it was quite nice, twice in a row.  I walked a minute, changed direction, and came back around off the left, and rather than counting one-two for my rhythm, I chanted “sit-up, sit-up” and we had two nice jumps, from an almost perfect spot both times.  I wish I’d had someone around with a camera, but I’m sure if I had, it wouldn’t have been as nice!

I called it good on that, and hopped off again to disassemble the fence, and open the arena gate.  We went for a little walk down the driveway, staying on the actual gravel drive, because while it’s not too snowy, it sure is wet.

I came home to the PVDA omnibus in my mailbox (but no coggins!), so I’ve spent the evening looking through it and figuring out a few dressage shows to hit this season.  I may try to do the requisite eight volunteer hours so I can try and qualify for a year-end award in the USEA classes, since that’s what I’d like to focus on, and it’s usually not too competitive.  And maybe, possibly, if Carol can whip us in to good form over the summer, try two Training classes at the USDF recognized show at the end of August.  Since we have GMO USDF membership, and a USEF membership already, it wouldn’t be that much more expensive than a schooling show, and would at least be an interesting experience.  I’ll just have to see how we’re shaping up as it gets closer.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my Coggins shows up this week, so I’m able to get in to the cross derby without a late fee.  A week isn’t too crazy, right?