At our lesson on Friday, Cally didn’t need any sort of cooler, and got turned out afterwards in her sheet.  I was in a t-shirt and quarter-zip tech shirt, and was hot.  I spent a day visiting family yesterday, and woke up and headed out to the barn today with sub-freezing temperatures forecast as a high.  So we bundled up and headed out of the blustery wind in the indoor.

So cold that poor Cally really did look like a fire-breathing dragon!  We just did a bit of very easy flatwork after a long warmup, and incorporated a few of the groundpoles you can see in the reflection.  We were back in the simple oval-link Frenchlink snaffle, and she was very quietly going over the poles relaxed and forward.  She actually seemed rather happy to have a solid bit to come onto again, even as were working over the groundpoles.

I was at least deceptively warm by the time we were done (that LLBean down jacket is the toastiest coat ever!) and decided that despite the occasional snow flurries blowing in through the arena windows, we’d headed down the driveway to cool out.  By the time we got down to the end, we were good and cooled out, and quite happy to get back to the barn and in out of the wind.

No worries, I’m sure in a few days, the weather will be completely different again anyway!