Despite Cally living in Maryland, as a resident of Virginia myself, both the SUV and trailer are tagged in Virginia, which means they need annual inspections.  Not a big deal on the Yukon, something of a hassle for the trailer, because it’s not like I can just pull it in to the first garage across the state line, since they’d have no idea what they’d be looking at.  So it goes to Trailer Care, just outside Leesburg, which is about an hour from the barn.  Since the “Ghetto Trailer” is a Shoop that’s as old as my little brother, getting a yearly checkup is probably a good thing anyway, as I try to eke another year or two out of it.  It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, and the ramp is heavy, but it’s solid and gets us where we need to go.  Due to a bunch of traffic on the way out to the barn, I was a little later getting to the barn to get the trailer than planned, and was shocked to see almost 2″ of snow at the barn!  But eventually I got hooked up, under Daisy’s watchful supervision, and we were off.  Fortunately no traffic on the way down, and it was easy peasy dropping off the trailer.

Then, as I’m due for a new helmet, I decided to combine the trailer drop-off with a stop in Middleburg to do some shopping.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided to see if my GPS could get me there without going down 15.  It could, but advised me there would be “unimproved roads”.  O….K…. sure, I’m in the Yukon, we’ll see how that works.  I had no idea there were so many unpaved roads left in all of northern Virginia!  It was a lovely, if somewhat bouncy drive, through Philomont and spitting me out behind Foxcroft School.   Also perhaps not a drive I’m going to repeat, because it may have been “shorter” but at the rate I had to drive, going down 15 definitely would have been “faster”.  Thanks, GPS, for yet another crazy adventure that left me going “WTF?” no less than a dozen times.

Eventually I got to Middleburg, and decided that since Daisy had been a very good dog in her first ride in the Yukon, we’d hit Wylie Wagg’s first, for a dog food refill, and a few goodies.  Naturally, it turned into more than a few, but the “woofer” kept her busy while I was in The Tack Box trying on helmets.  It was a very quick stop, though, as I had both assistance from an immensely helpful clerk, and I pretty much knew what I wanted and what size I needed.  I ended up with a new black JR8, to replace my old black GR8.  The fit around the head was pretty much exactly the same, but the GR8 just sits down on the head a little more than the JR8, which didn’t seem totally necessary, as my head isn’t that deep.  I also liked the snap attachment on the JR8 better, though the different harness is going to take some time getting used to.  I’ll see how it works out during my lesson tomorrow.