After yesterday’s surprise snow, it was lovely to see today dawn sunny and warm for my lesson at 11.  It was nice to be able to wear real boots, instead of the horribly thick winter boots that limit ankle flexion, and to pull into the driveway to see lessons going on in the little outdoor!  Hurrah!

This was our first lesson with Kelley since trying the waterford, and I wanted to see what she thought of it to jump in, since it seems like almost too much sometimes, and definitely not good on the flat.  She agreed that it was totally counterproductive to what we need to work on on the flat, but wanted to see how we schooled in it.  Most of the lesson was focused over working over a single cavaletti on 20M circle, working on keeping her consistent in pace, and bent correctly in the direction of travel.  She was noticeable trying to drop her right shoulder, so we did a good bit working on just keeping my inside rein out to the outside.  We also ultimately came to the conclusion that the waterford wasn’t doing her any favors in department, because there wasn’t any bit there for her to go onto to rebalance herself.  So back to square on on the bit front; we’ll just to back to working in the copper-oval-link french link that we flat in for now, and consider other jumping options, possibly a baucher.

By the end of our circling, when I sat up and rode assertively and proactively, we were actually going over the raised cavaletti quite nicely.  I just need to not be afraid to be assertive, and to sit up and ride the horse the way I want her to go, not the way Cally wants to go.  (Because I’m sure that would be back to the pasture to eat grass.)