It was chilly and flurrying, but happily slightly above freezing as we set out for the barn today.  Daisy came along again, with Liam, so she could be out of the car the whole time.  Cally’s good with dogs, so I was looking forward to letting her meet Daisy, who seemed a little overwhelmed by the giant animals last time she was out.

Cally, of course, was quite willing to greet her new sister.  Daisy wasn’t so sure.

Daisy also wasn’t so sure about me being on the horse, riding.  She started out in the ring with Liam, but he had to take her outside to adventure up and down the driveway, because apparently me doing dressage was just too overwhelming, and she was shaking and whining.

Cally, on the other hand, decided to be the mature older sibling, and rose to the occasion, doing a lovely bit of flatwork.  We had bend, shoulder in/shoulder out, and good behavior, even when the dog was held up at eye-level to say hello.  She also had a lovely bit of forward canter that was coming up in the withers, and had a nice half-halt to it.  We finished with a fabulous bit of floaty, forward trot, then a nice mosey down the driveway.  Apparently me moseying down the driveway along with them was less scary to Daisy.  Step #2 in Horse Show Dog training underway!