After a high somewhere in the 40s yesterday, it was flirting with 70 by the time I got to the barn this afternoon.  Daisy, our new dog, was along with me on her first trip to the barn, as we were heading out for some hiking when I was done riding.  I think she’s going to be a good horse show dog, as she was polite about the cats and horses, and waiting in the car.

Poor Cally was looking rather toasty, having acclimated herself to being out in 20 degree weather last week.  So rather than working hard, I decided to work smart, and focus on our suppling work, since that’s nicely productive at a walk without worrying about getting too overheated in the sudden spring temperatures.

We did a lot of serpentines, circles, spirals, and changes of direction, somewhat randomly alternating between correct and counter flexion.  She felt stiff still, but was definitely stepping through better with the left hind that started off very stiff yesterday.

I don’t think we worked for more than 20 minutes, most of it walking, with a bit of trotting, then finished off with a nice walk down the driveway in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, since there was a ice storm yesterday morning, there was a lot of mud, so we weren’t able to go farther afield than that.  It would be so lovely to have it both warm and dry, so we could go out for a walk or hack!  Spring’s just around the corner, though, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we’re able to do that.