I haven’t ridden since our show on Sunday.  Partly, due to working Monday and Tuesday, but mostly due to the fact that I’ve apparently been transplanted from the MidAtlantic to New England.  The highs have been below freezing, leaving me with no motivation to go do anything outside.

I did make it out to the barn today, after seeing that the overnight snow shower had left a dusting of dry snow that was well cleared from the roads.  When I parked at the barn, the car display said that the temperature was a balmy 25F, which didn’t take into account the wind.  Cally was bundled up in her nice warm heavyweight blanket, and napping in the far corner of her field (naturally), which does make sense, since it’s the lee side of the little valley in her field, and was sunny.

Cally and friends

The trudge back in through the field was at least with the wind, so it was slightly less arctic.  I had no motivation to ride with it well below freezing, and it seemed mean to pull her blanket off when it felt nice and warm under there.  All I did was fold back the hood, brush her face, neck, and legs, and pick out her feet.  She looked pretty confused when I turned her back out after that.  She trotted right off across the hill, back towards her pasturemates, and, presumably, the nice sunny spot in the field.

Looks like we’ll be back above freezing next week, so we’ll just call this a week’s winter vacation.