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While I was hard at work, Cally had the weekend off.  She didn’t look particularly impressed to see me today, though that may have had something to do with me pulling her away from a nice fresh roundbale and making her do dressage.

Waiting at the barn was a Smartpak order for me, with new, lined leathers for the dressage saddle and new stirrup pads to replace the old cheese-grater knockoffs.  The Super Comfort pads were a bit of a project to apply, but the new leathers and new pads looked pretty sharp.  While the leather quality on the Smartpak house-brand leathers isn’t the same quality as that of the Beval lined leathers I use on my jump saddle, for a fraction of the price, they’re nice, and not too bulky under my leg, which is always a worry with a thicker lined leather.  I really liked the feel of the stirrup pads too, and felt very secure riding in them.

And a reasonably nice ride we did have.  What was good, the warmup and bend-counterbend work on a figure eight was very good.  However.  There was a lesson going on in the ring at the same time, and Princess Cally was not thrilled with being forced to share space (an entire indoor!) with someone else.  It was contained to a bit of mareface and pinned ears while passing, until we got to work on our canter.  At which point, she actually kicked out as we turned past them.  Bad mare!  But then we stayed away, simmered down and picked up the canter again, and eventually got a decent bit of canter work. 

Then as the lesson started jumping, we passed them again, and had another bit of temper tantrum.  It really seems to bother her most to pass someone going the opposite way, or jumping past her.  So I suppose that’s another thing we need to work on, as she’s never been thrilled at other horses in what she sees as “her space.”

After a last good bit of nicely forward trot work, I watched a bit of the jump lesson going on, then went for a walk down the driveway.  We did our few jumps for the day there, ditch to log to little pile of logs.  Nicely quiet, with none of the hurry from our jump school the other weekend.  But not so easy in the dressage saddle!