During my two days of work, I was eagerly keeping an eye on the forecast, noting the lovely (for January in Maryland) weather and hoping that we’d be able to get out for a hack, or at least work in the big outdoor.

Then I woke up at noon today, and it was overcast, with the iPhone saying it was 48.  And as I drove out to the barn, the temperature on the car kept ticking down, as the rain started trickling down.  Fortunately, it seemed to be holding at a light drizzle and 46 when I parked at the barn.

Cally had obviously enjoyed the lesser levels of blanketing she was enjoying today, because she’d had a nice roll at some point and gotten her neck coated in mud.  I did enjoy taking a little more time currying that I had been, since with the cold I’d been trying to pull off the blanket, and get tack and either cooler or quarter sheet on as quick as possible.  Today it was nice to actually be able to curry a bit.

Our ride was nice, too.  I wasn’t sure what to expect after our rather excited jumping session on Sunday, but she warmed up nicely and we went to work on our bending and counterbending, with some serpentines alternating one then the other.  It still wasn’t easy, but it was feeling better than it did on Friday when we first worked on it.  I was a little more concerned with how the canter circles of counterbend would go, so I started with the easier right lead we worked on during the lesson on Friday.  It still felt a little crabbish, but better, and we eventually got a pretty nice correctly bent canter, too.  The left lead isn’t as easy, so so was really pleasantly surprised how well she did; not as nicely as to the right, but it feels like progress.

We managed to walk down the driveway when we were done, as the drizzle had stopped, and I took the opportunity to get in our “jump” for the day–a little hop over the ditch along the driveway!  Maybe it’ll warm up and dry out enough that we can hop over something even bigger in the future.