After working very hard during our rides, and especially during our lesson, for the last few weeks, Cally certainly deserved a massage today.  Granted, she wasn’t particularly thrilled to be interrupted in the middle of her nice nap in the sunshine when I went to retrieve her from the pasture, or to have her nice warm blanket pulled off.

But she did appreciate the massage.  Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of tension in her poll, shoulders, and hind end, all of which she’s been using lately.  Hopefully the massage will have loosened them up, and make it more comfortable, thus easier, to use them.  As always, though, Cally’s favorite part of the massage is the carrot stretches at the end, mostly for the carrots.

Then, since the ice in the little outdoor has melted and the footing actually looked quite good, we did our post-massage hack outside.  Cally definitely approved.

Hopefully it will stay warm and dry enough that we can get in a few good rides outside in the next week or so.  We’re both so much happier out!