All Thoroughbreds born in the northern hemisphere turn a year older on January 1st.  So despite her actual birthday being in March, today Cally officially turns a year older, and is now 11.

To celebrate, we did a little bit of very good flatwork (yay new saddle!), then went for a nice walk down the driveway.

She perks right up as soon as we head out of the ring, which makes me feel a little bad.  We’re both so happy being outdoors in the fresh air, its hard to be content with being cooped up in the indoor while there is snow and ice outside.  And of course its not quite enough to go out for a walk in the snow, but leaving the ground to soggy to be able to go out without either risking injury or damaging the ground.

Then Cally’s favorite part–being stuffed full of carrots and other goodies, both for being her awesome self and in celebration of her birthday.  Hopefully it’s a good year for both of us!